About Us


Nehemiah, Inc. was established on October 16, 2006 as an offshoot of the Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church (located at 3737 N. Sherman Blvd.). The church, wanting to act fully and compellingly on its commitment to social justice, created Nehemiah in order to serve individuals in need on Milwaukee’s northwest side.

Both the name and the inspiration for Nehemiah, Inc. come from the book of Nehemiah in the Old Testament. The Prophet Nehemiah leaves his position of prestige and influence in Babylon to return to his homeland of Jerusalem to rebuild the walls. These walls – which represent stability, security and wholeness – had burned down, leaving the community without hope and in constant physical danger. Nehemiah leads his people to use their gifts, trades and skills, which ultimately results in the successful rebuilding of the walls.

Nehemiah, Inc. now its own 501c3 non-profit (located at 4429 W. Fond du Lac Ave.), is committed to this very idea of “rebuilding the walls.” An incorporated organization, Nehemiah focuses on both community and economic development, addressing them with the philosophy of internal transformation and external liberation.



Nehemiah, Inc assists in the transformation of individuals in our community, that they may be liberated to fulfill their destiny.

Nehemiah, Inc. often points to the concept of a butterfly as its inspiration. A butterfly begins life as a caterpillar. It is not bad for a caterpillar to be a caterpillar, but it is bad to remain a caterpillar when it is destined to become a butterfly. Thus, at the appointed time, the caterpillar spins a cocoon, begins its process of transformation, and ultimately emerges liberated to fulfill its God-given purpose.

Similarly, Nehemiah believes everyone is destined to become his or her own butterfly. Nehemiah assists individuals in recognizing that it is their time to spin their cocoon and embark on an inward spiritual journey. This process of transformation lives at the very core of Nehemiah.