Incubator Office / Commercial Space

Nehemiah, Inc. provides low-cost incubator office and commercial space for small businesses, non-profits, ministries and churches. The idea for this incubator space grew primarily from the concept of good stewardship – and “helping others do what they do, even better.” Nehemiah had facilities that were not being used, while many members of the Pilgrim Rest congregation and surrounding community had entrepreneurial ideas or existing business ventures but couldn’t afford the overhead in a traditional office environment.

Nehemiah’s low-cost approach supports economic and workforce development by leaving more cash flow for businesses to allocate towards staff, marketing and growth. Tenants of Nehemiah’s incubator and commercial space pay as low as $50 per month for virtual space, and rates as low as $125 or $250 per month for actual space (depending on the size of the space). Virtual space offers 24-hour access to the conference room, as well as the ability to use the building’s mailing address. Tenants with actual office space receive conference room access, office furniture, heat and air, and the ability to use the building’s mailing address. Tenants are also able to take advantage of flat-rate fees for a phone and/or fax line, office phone extension, and internet service.